College Boy Physicals
College Boy Physicals
Hot young college studs go for their entrance physicals. Straight boys going to the doctor.
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College boy experiment

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I had gone into the college clinic because they were doing a research study that paid some great cash for getting shocked. Dr. James told me that I had to do a follow up appointment as well. So, when I arrived the nurse took me back into an exam room where there was another guy waiting. Kyle was sitting up on the exam table when I walked in and he had said that he came to see Dr. James because of back pain.
Bringing up the idea of trying some things out ourselves while we waited, I asked Kyle if he wanted to experiment. He said sure, but I wasn’t going to give him a second to think about it.
Stripping out of my clothes, I got fully naked in front of Kyle and he liked seeing my dick. As it was right in front of him, he bent over and took it in his mouth. I told him to lay back and I would suck on his nipples a bit more. While Kyle played with my cock he said very loud that my cock was huge.I told Kyle that I wanted to fuck his ass, and I heard him say, “hell yeah!? Taking some of the lube I slapped it on my cock, and then started to put my dick in his ass. He gripped the table tightly with both hands bracing himself for what was to come.

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Hooked me to some wires

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I was looking in the wanted section of our college newspaper when I came across an ad for a paying college physicals study that paid cash. In calling the number in the ad, they told me to come into the clinic and I would have to fill out a couple of different forms. After that the study would take about an hour, but then I would get paid right after. Nurse Cindy told me that they didn’t have any kind of a wait and that I could come right over.
To get started, Dr. James asked me to remove my pants and underwear as well before taking a seat on the exam table. Seating down on the edge of the table, Dr. James started to feel my dick all over with a pair of gloves on. After he was done he said he was going to hook up a machine. He placed my balls and cock through this rubber ring that was hooked up to some wires.
My cock was getting harder by the second now, with the machine causing blood to rush into my cock. As my cock began to stand up, Dr. James started to give me head in hopes that it would get fully erect. My cock was a rock hard monster, and the college doc was great at getting most of my shaft in his mouth. I couldn’t help, but moan once in a while from what he was doing.

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Doctor giving blowjob

physicals boy
I was starting to experience some pain in my upper back and shoulders that was starting to make me uncomfortable throughout the day. I decided to go to the college boy physicalsclinic, and that is where I met Dr. James.
Squeezing the back of my upper thighs, Dr. James had a pretty strong grip. He slowly moved his way up north, and was touching my twink ass. It didn’t feel all that bad, and really did make my muscles relax even more.
Dr. James said that he wanted to try one more thing, and that I had to roll over and sit up in order to try it. I did what he asked, and he placed a pad in the center of each thigh. Once the machine was on my muscles, they started to move on their own again. Dr. James started to feel my dick a little bit more than he had. He took it in one hand and he started to suck on my cock. The doctor was giving me a blow job. He sucked on it only for a little bit before he stopped the machine and wanted to continue with the rest of the exam. Dr. James was good at using his whole mouth at giving me a blow job. It felt pretty good, but it still kind of weird to have the doctor giving me head for an exam.

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Told doctor I was straight

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I came back to the college boy clinic with Dustin, so that he could get his exam with Dr. James. Or at least we figured that he was going to be the one to perform the physicals exam. Since it had only been a couple of days since we were last there, the nurse took down our basic information and then led us back to a room.
Dr. James felt up his balls and cock, and made a comment about how we liked this part of the exam the most. Dustin said yes, and Dr. James started sucking on his cock. There wasn’t much time before Dustin had a rock hard cock. Listening to Dustin moan to the college blow job was getting me turned on. I couldn’t help but rub my cock as well, and was a little shocked at myself for what I was doing. Calling me over, Dr. James wanted me to help out Dustin.
Hold up! I came out and told the doctor that I was straight, and that I wasn’t down for getting fucked. He asked me if I wanted to pass my physical and stay on the team. Dustin told me to take one for the team in order to stay on. I felt like I had no choice, but to climb up on the table and put my legs up. As I did, I tried not to think about what I was about to do. Dustin leaned over me for a second and whispered that he was going to try and finger me first. Lubing up his finger he slowly pushed it inside, and could tell how tight I was.

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College prostate massage

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Dr. James told me that his plan for my visit was going to be some prostate massage, and I was a little nervous about it. I played with my college cock a little bit as he got ready. With lubed up fingers he wanted to warm my asshole up, so that when he used his instrument I wouldn’t be shocked. As Dr. James put his finger against my hole, I felt a little bit of pressure there. Then, once I took a breath and released that air to relax, his finger slid in deep with no problems. It wasn’t long with him using one finger before he moved on to using two. Once he had felt that I was ready he reached over and grabbed his instrument and applied some lubricant to it. I had never used a vibrator before, but so far it felt great what the doctor had been doing. Honestly, I was really turned on and horny, and I wanted him to do more. After it was all the way inside me and he could take his hands off of it, he reached for some box that was attached to it. Turning it on, the instrument started to vibrate, and got a little warm……

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Ride the doctor’s cock

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Dr. Swallowcock starts to stroke me hard college cock, and rub my cock. Getting on my hands and knees the doctor put some jelly on my smooth college ass and he proceeded to take this huge metal instrument in my ass to examine my asshole. He forced it in, and then he tried to get it as deep as possible. We had a conversation about me bottoming and topping, and then he started to rub my boyish ass. Then, the doctor told me to do something that I had never had done before, and that was to grab his cock and play with it. The doctor got undressed as I started to give him head. Placing his head on the back of my head he wanted me to go down further. He moved down to the chair and had me get down to on my knees.
We both moved up to being on top of the bed, and the doctor fucked the shit out of my ass. He was going pretty fast for a while and I had never had sex this intense in a long time. I changed positions and I got to ride the doctor’s cock for a while. This was a little harder for me because I was starting to get tired, but it felt good, and I didn’t want to quit.

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Doctor James took my cock

college boy
My college boy buddy Dustin and I are on our college’s baseball team and every year it is the colleges policy that every player has to have a college boy physical done to make sure that they’re in good health. When I showed up to the first practice of my second season, coach ordered me to go to the school clinic along with Dustin for our physicals.
Testing my reflexes, Doctor James bent down and took my cock in his mouth. Both Dustin and I were shocked by what he was doing, and Dr. James said that it was all part of the exam. Now, I will admit that since I came down to the school, I haven’t had much sex lately. Having a mouth on my cock felt good, no matter who was doing it. The doc paused for a moment, and commented on my college cock getting hard.
Asking for a sample, Doctor James stroked with my dick, and as Dustin stood next to me. Reaching over, I started to undo his pants, and as my hand reached inside his underwear, he was getting very turned on. Stripping off his shirt, Dustin bared his chest for me, and he was in great shape. I played with his hard big cock, and he told me looking at my face that he didn’t want me telling anybody else on the team.
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Shoot my college boy cum

college physicals
This was my first time going into the college boy physicals clinic, and sure enough it was starting out the same as all others I had been through. Following the nurse back to the room she showed me in to meet Dr. James. He had me take a seat on the table and then explain why I came into see him. Starting with my vitals he took my pulse, and told me it was normal.
He explained that he wanted to examine my prostate just incase it was enlarged. Applying his lubed up finger to my tight asshole, he pushed it in gently and told me that he wanted to check out my prostate. I didn’t know if that honestly could be it, and what was I going to say. Moving his finger around, Dr. James seem to have a rhythm down to rubbing my prostate. He wanted to continue to examine me and as he did so, his mouth went over my college boy cock and swallowed it.
He applied some lube to my cock and jerked me off for a while. I tried to focus, so that I would blow my load faster. However, it wasn’t working in my favor. Taking over control from the doctor, I wanted to see if maybe I could get myself closer. As I did, I told him that he could take over. Gripping my cock he squeezed it tight as he stroked my cock. I told him to keep going faster, and that I was about to shoot my college boy cum.

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College boy fucking like rabbits

college boy
I had a competition that I was about to compete in, and the college coach was a little worried about how I was going to do. Coach went with me to the clinic to see Physicals College Doctor James again to get me cleared to play. When we got to the clinic, nurse Cindy took us back to Doctor James.
Dr. James was rubbing my back, and I was starting to experience some pain. Coach reached over and took my college boy hand. Placing my hand on his cock, he told me to play with that, to take my mind off of the pain. His cock was rock hard already without me touching it, and I knew that the college doctor loved my body.
Coach ordered me to the floor and on my feet, so that I could return the favor to the doc. As I placed my mouth on his dick and started to give him a blow job, he started to moan. I knew that I was doing a great job, by the reaction. Coach climbed back up on the chair and Dr. James sucked his dick. We did that for a while before they wanted to change things up again on me. Coach said that my endurance needed to be tested. He had me grab a condom from the jar on the counter, and put it on. After a while I was able to work up a rhythm, and we were fucking like rabbits.
Watching us coach wanted a shot to get to fuck the doctor. I pulled out, and he tried to get in there, but he couldn’t stay completely hard. So, they had me put on another condom and fuck again.

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Doctor with my college dick

I was in a college wrestling meet and I did something to my back that was causing me some pain. I blow it off thinking that maybe it would just go away with some time, but when I went to practice later in the week it was still acting up. Coach sent me to the school’s clinic to see if they could make the pain go away. The college boy clinic was able to get me in right away to see Dr. James.
Dr. James wanted to try it a little lower on his body, and it made my college ass jiggle. It was weird, and really I just wanted the college doctor to quit, but he wouldn’t. Then, Dr. James reached down and started to play with my cock and balls. When he did that my mind was taken off what was going on in the room and then my college cock got huge.
My cock was raging and I couldn’t help but moan with pure pleasure from all the work the college boy doctor was doing on me. Dr. James had me turn around and take a seat on the table. That is when he placed the pads on my thighs and turned the device on. He stroked my cock for a bit and then he lowered his mouth down to my dick. He began to give me head, and he was a very skilled doctor. I pushed my hips towards his mouth and he played with my balls. He pulled away from my college dick and told me that he thought that he would be able to get me off. Adjusting my legs to be on the table the college boy doctor grabbed some lube and got ready to stroke my hard cock. His grip was pretty tight on my dick, but I know that it wasn’t going to take much more to get me off.

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